“Making Algeria Pleasant.” Tourism and Colonization in Algeria (From the 1870s to 1962)

Colonial Policies
By Colette Zytnicki

Crossed by many travelers from the mid-19th century, Algeria later became a popular tourist destination for winter-holiday makers and tourists. At the turn of the 20th century, local business circles and colonial authorities introduced structures destined to favor the development of tourism in the country. Tourism represented to most a source of potential wealth for the colony but also a mirror of “French works” in Algeria. The military itself took over the development of tourist activities in the Sahara region. Yet, in spite of agreed efforts- albeit modest in comparison with the ambitions displayed- tourism had trouble developing. Neither did the attempt to introduce a popular tourism after World War Two meet the expected success. This paper seeks to (modestly) contribute to the study of colonial societies through the analysis of the various tourism development policies that were elaborated.


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