A Century of German Political History: Commemorating Liebknecht and Luxembourg at the Zentralfriedhof Friedrichsfelde in Berlin

Partisan Appropriations and Constructions
By Ariane Jossin

Rosa Luxemburg’s and Karl Liebknecht’s funerals in 1919 were the starting point of a long series of commemorative mobilisations which cross different German historical and political periods. This commemoration, which is centered around the Friedrichsfelde cemetery, has difficulties existing during the Weimarer Republic ; it is then narrowed to individual and isolated actions during the Third Reich, and totally appropriated by the GDR government, before citizens reclaim it for themselves after the unification of Germany. This annual event both shows a great regularity in terms of date and location of the ceremony, and in the choice of Liebknecht and Luxemburg (as well as Lenin) as key actors in the action.


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