Acts of Indiscipline during the Algerian War: The Protest of French Soldiers Recalled in 1955

By Clément Grenier

Acts of indiscipline during the Algerian war : the protest of French soldiers recalled in 1955.

Acts of protest within the military in September and October 1955, led by recalled soldiers, disrupted manœuvres at the beginning of the war in Algeria. From the slogans used during the protests to the violence delaying departure to Northern Africa, the soldiers expressed their opposition in more or less clear-cut terms. Political and military authorities suppressed the leaders and tried to limit the growth and reach of this movement. By establishing a typology of actions used by these recalled soldiers, and by studying the content of their protests, this article seeks to question the meaning of this revolt, its repercussions, and its place in the memory of the Algerian war.


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