The Structuring of the Field of the Inapt and Handicapped Child and Adolescent since 1943

By Jacqueline Roca

The structure of the field of the inadapted and handicapped child and adolescent since 1943.

The Regional Associations of Protection of Inadapted and Handicapped Children and Adolescents (R.A.P.I.H.C.A.) contributed to the protection and the supervision of the inadapted children and adolescents, which were the interest and field of intervention of several experts. The study will analyse the specific and exceptional work of Germaine Poinso-Chapuis from R.A.P.I.H.C.A. – Marseille who was the President of the association from 1946 to 1979. The article highlights and retraces the evolution of the philanthropic and professional network in which this association is made up of and its links with the public authorities concerned such as : Justice, Education, Health. Has its mission been accomplished ? Is this association a reference for others ?


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