Print, Speech, and Stone

A History of the Socialists in the Allier, 1944–2001
By Fabien Conord

Print, speech and stone : a history of the socialists in the Allier, 1944-2001.

In spite of the changes in the socialist party in France and in the Allier, the militants of this département retained the same political practices throughout the second half of the 20th century. This article purports to illustrate the means of expression and the major features of this political culture, in which history was called on for assistance in current political action. There was self-celebration (with the anniversaries of the first municipal victories, with biographies of the major leaders, and also in street-names) as well as a desire to use the landmarks of the labour movement to the party’s own ends (the Paris Commune, May-day). This political hijacking of history is here studied through different media : publications (both scholarly books and various pamphlets), public monuments, speeches and demonstrations.


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