On the outskirts of the Ancizes factory, an investigation at the crossroads of oral history and filmic anthropology

By Caroline Lardy, Nathalie Ponsard

This paper endeavours to explain a field experience based on the combined contributions of oral history and filmic anthropology to a collection of testimonies on the careers of metalworkers from the Combrailles region in France. This survey is unique in its sample and methodology, which faced several obstacles. The study in question is characterised by the design of an interactive digital platform called MétalloCorpus, which provides access to a set of data (still and moving images, notices, maps and explanatory texts, sound documents) both for local stakeholders and for any user interested in the memory of work in rural and industrial environments. This article also focuses on the advantages of a co-construction with the actors, both in the provision of data and in the fine-tuning of the initially-identified issues.

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