Between Psychiatry, Social Work, and Civil Rights: Regulating the Protection of Individuals at the Turn of the 1980s

Social and Sanitary Vulnerabilities
By Benoît Eyraud, Nicolas Henckes

"The history of the protection of individuals strongly illustrates the difficulties involved in regulating interventions on others. The expression itself emerged in the twentieth century at the crossing between two distinct social, judicial and intellectual traditions. It borrows from some of the richest images of the history of the welfare state and social rights on the one hand; It is also set in a more ancient judicial, political and intellectual tradition, that of civil rights, on the other hand. The contact between these diverse influences explains the difficult evolution of the protection of individuals during the twentieth century. Based on varied materials, this analysis focuses on the genesis and application of the July 3, 1968, legislation concerning the reform of incapacitated adults' rights and shows how it provided, through State guardianships, the frame for a new perception of the protection of individuals."

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